We are so excited to announce that Equine Fusion is in the lookout for International BrandAmbassadors!
An Equine Fusion brand ambassador is someone who likes to try new things, hardworking, has an open mind, is enthusiastic and last but not least - has a passion for horses.
We are looking for someone who is willing to show the world what happens when using Equine Fusion!
We want someone who shares our philosophy by promoting flexible and elastic hoof shoes to enhance the welfare, soundness and performance of the horse.
What we will expect from you
Post photos/videos once a week on chosen social media platform. 
Spreads information about Equine Fusion in their daily interactions with other horse enthusiasts
Help in innovation processes by being genuine, and teling us what you think about our products and how we can make our products even better.
You are our face out, and it is important for us that you are kind to your animals, the planet and other human beings.
This is a social media ambassador search, to enter you must have at least 5000 followers on one or combined social media accounts. Exceptions can be made if you compete on a FEI level.
What you can expect from us
As an ambassador you will receive 2 set of jogging shoes per year, free of charge. If you are using 24/7 glue-on jogging shoe we will supply shoes equivalent to your horse trimming cycle.
An additional 30% off all products
Marketing material
You will have the unique opportunity to build your professional and riding resumes with valuable marketing experience.
If you want to be Equine Fusions
new Brand Ambassador, please fill
out the form below
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